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Question & Answer. Comprehensive search.

For Education

Anonymity. Private questions. Straightforward invitation system.

Open Source

Easy to self-host for maximum privacy & control.
Welcoming to first-time contributors.

Carefully Designed

Beautiful during the day. Elegant at night.
Always a joy to look at.

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Mobile Support

It just works. Right from the browser.
No nagging to install an app.

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Rich-Text Messages

Markdown   LaTeX   Syntax highlighting
Try it for yourself.

The Team

Dr. Scott Smith

Dr. Scott Smith
CEO. Professor of Computer Science at The Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Ali Madooei

Dr. Ali Madooei
Consultant. Lecturer of Computer Science at The Johns Hopkins University.

Leandro Facchinetti

Leandro Facchinetti
Software Developer & Designer.


Eliot Smith

Eliot Smith
Intern. Student at The University of Rochester.

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